Cybersecurity threats are lurking everywhere, and enterprises are under constant cyberattacks. These complex attacks are evolving and the nature of cybersecurity threats is changing. Even threadbare strategies to hacking––like ransomware and phishing––are being applied in fresh and innovative ways. 

To effectively secure networks and data, you have to stay on top of the constantly-evolving schemes of cyber threats. Here are three threats that you need to know about with security data ecosystems. 

#1: Malware in the Cloud

As more and more businesses migrate to the cloud, it’s becoming more likely that the cloud will be targeted for a malware attack. While we all hope our data is safe and secure with our cloud vendors, this isn’t always the case. In fact, smaller cloud vendors are more at risk of an attack than say, a bigger corporation like Google. Smaller cloud vendors are more likely to be targeted by ransomware attacks.

#2: The Internet of Things

These days, the Internet is everywhere––on your wrist, in your car, and in your house. Everything from washing machines to indoor thermostats are becoming smart, and more at risk for cyber infiltration. 

About 80% of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 71% of mobile applications are not tested for security vulnerabilities––leaving your devices at a high risk for cybercriminal activity. If an unsecured device is on the same network as your other devices, your system can be hacked and all of your personal information exposed instantaneously. 

#3: AI Phishing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is often used by hackers for social engineering––the use of manipulation to gain a user’s confidential information. According to a report by Verizon in 2019, phishing was responsible for 32% of data breaches in 2018. 

One type of AI phishing in particular, spear phishing, uses targeted digital messages to trick people into giving up personal information or installing malware. This type of phishing is tiring for hackers, but not so for AI––which can conduct hundreds of fake calls and personalized messages in a second.

How Byte Size Helps

Cybersecurity threats are always evolving––some require a double take! At Byte Size, we know a thing or two about cybersecurity threats. Want to learn more effective ways to safeguard your online data? Contact us today!

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