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What is a Firewall?

A computer firewall is a network security software program that monitors unauthorized access going to or coming from a private network based on predetermined security rules. Basically, a firewall [...]

How Safe is Free Public Wifi?

Public WiFi is convenient, there is no question about that, but is it safe? Public WiFi networks are available in many places, at several hotspots ranging from the airport, a favorite coffee shop [...]

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The Benefits from Managed IT Services

The pace of change in IT is extraordinary and with new technology comes with new challenges. Both small and large businesses desire optimal efficiency from their systems but, not all businesses [...]

Tips to Reduce Spam

What is spam? There are many ways to avoid becoming a victim of Spam messages. One important thing we should remind ourselves of is exercise care when opening our emails. The term Spam in [...]

What is Ransomware?

  What is Ransomware? If there is one thing you need to do this month, it is to protect your computer against ransomware! Those who have, in the past, fallen victim to ransomware attacks [...]




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