As business owners, it can be hard to trust someone else with any aspect of your company, least of all your tech. You may think that in order to deliver an amazing product or service (and stay within budget) you have to control every step of the process. But sometimes in order to succeed, you have to rely on someone else’s help and expertise a bit. Outsourcing your IT services is one of those instances, and yes, it can save you money.

If you’re an IT guru and you enjoy this aspect of your business, then by all means do it yourself! But the average person is not an expert in software, hardware, technology, coding, etc. Think about how much it costs to pay someone to do your IT in-house (or the time and stress it takes to do it yourself!) Now compare the cost of hiring a company, keeping in mind the services and perks you’ll gain. You’re getting a lot more support and experience for you money! Hiring a qualified company to handle your IT could mean better or more product/service output. This increases your sales. It could mean you finally have time to invest in your clients the way you’ve always wanted to. This boosts your reputation and credibility, gaining you more clients. Outsourcing your IT could also mean you actually take weekends off instead of managing your emails or dealing with website glitches. A more balanced work/home life is always worth it! The list goes on, and you get the picture: your time is valuable. And someone else could probably do all your IT work faster and better, while you simply reap the rewards.

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