Click to Save Credentials in Your Browser: What You Need to Know

Clicking to save credentials in your web browser is an easy solution to a common problem — but is it safe? One of the biggest problems we run into as heavy web users is that we trust [...]

Are Laptops and Desktops Actually Becoming Obsolete?

In the Battle of Smartphones vs. PCs, who wins? Anyone remember the early 2000’s? This was when the boom of technology truly began, and we’ve been going full steam ahead ever since [...]

Top 5 Anti-virus Apps for Android Phones

Security apps are a necessity in the modern age we live in. Not sure which app you should download? Here’s our roundup of 5 highly-rated Android anti-virus apps you can use to protect your [...]

The Best Way to Stay Safe Online: Think Like an Attacker

When it comes to hacking, cybercriminals have a variety of approaches. This is why thinking like an attacker is one of the most effective ways you can plan for a cyber attack. Here’s how to [...]

How to Create a (Really) Secure Password

Considering how good hackers have gotten in the past several years, you may feel like you need a master’s degree just to create a secure password. But keeping your account safe [...]

Tips to Reduce Spam

What is spam? There are many ways to avoid becoming a victim of Spam messages. One important thing we should remind ourselves of is exercise care when opening our emails. The term Spam in [...]

What is Ransomware?

  What is Ransomware? If there is one thing you need to do this month, it is to protect your computer against ransomware! Those who have, in the past, fallen victim to ransomware attacks [...]

Understand Vulnerability, Plan for Continuity

Is your data safe? Could you continue business as usual even after a data breach? No business owner wants to plan for the worst, but disaster recovery and business continuity are crucial [...]

Data Breaches: Is Your Information Safe?

The internet is our best friend and our worst enemy. We have to trust it to keep our information safe. But at the same time, we can’t trust people that use it to steal our personal [...]

Can Outsourcing Your IT Services Actually Save You Money?

As business owners, it can be hard to trust someone else with any aspect of your company, least of all your tech. You may think that in order to deliver an amazing product or service (and stay [...]

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