Clicking to save credentials in your web browser is an easy solution to a common problem — but is it safe?

One of the biggest problems we run into as heavy web users is that we trust technology the same way we trust people. For example, have you ever logged into a website and had your web browser ask you if you wanted to save your login credentials? “How nice! My web browser knows how annoying it is to sign into all of these websites each time and is trying to make my life easier!” we think.

We hate to “burst your bubble,” but your web browser doesn’t care for you in that way. You may want to think twice before you click “save” on that pop-up.

If a hacker successfully hacked your system right now, how much information would they have access to?

Certainly, it’s embarrassing to think about a hacker having access to all of your old college photos or a draft of your first novel. Just think: how would you feel if you knew the hacker had access to your banking info, your credit card info, your tax information, and all of your online accounts? Unfortunately, it’s easy for a hacker to access all of this information in just a few clicks. All a hacker has to do is open your browser and head straight to your settings.

Safety over convenience

Trusting our web browser to keep our passwords safe may be convenient, but it’s far from safe. You would be better off using a notebook with all your passwords written down or a password keeper to store your passwords. Because it’s relatively easy these days for hackers to get into our computers, it’s important to prioritize safety over convenience. The key to keeping your information safe is staying vigilant and making sure hackers are disappointed if they succeed in hacking your computer.

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