Error messages, site crashes–seeing your typically well-behaved website or perfectly planned presentation go haywire can be cause for concern and panic. How much time do you have to fix it before you start losing money? Will it cost you more than revenue? A customer? A business deal? System failure, technical difficulties–it’s all costing you more than you think.

What downtime is costing you

There are a variety of tools that you can utilize to figure up exactly how much downtime is costing your business. Revenue is only the beginning of your losses. After all, money can be made again, but customers and clients and business partners are hard-earned “revenue” that surpass calculation. Additionally, you can’t calculate how much disappointment and loss of morale your tech team will undergo when they find out data has been lost or hard work has just gone down the drain. These are intangible losses.

The solution isn’t just being prepared for downtime, it’s preventing it in the first place! System failure, glitches, they’re all bound to happen at some point. Arm yourself with the protection you need ahead of time. Although it may cost you upfront, it’s an investment worth making. Because having the means to recover what you’ve lost ultimately saves you thousands of dollars, countless customers, and precious time.

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