Hackers seem to be multiplying by the day. What was once a playground of information has become a war zone for potential theft. If you’re not keeping IT security a priority, you could be at risk for exposing your personal information.

Luckily, there are ways to protect your online presence, and that’s through making your online security bulletproof.

Check out these easy ways to up your IT security game: 

1. Use more authentication for important accounts

Adding a second factor to websites you use the most (like Gmail, Facebook or Dropbox) can help make those sites more secure. Just don’t forget to save your backup codes and keep them in a safe place that you’ll remember.

2. Review and edit your privacy settings

Most social networks, like Instagram and Facebook, offer several levels of privacy. If you don’t want strangers viewing your personal photos and information without your consent, consider making profiles private.

3. Install a password manager

A great rule of thumb for staying safe online is to have several different passwords. After all, if someone gets ahold of the one password you use for everything, then the door to your whole digital identity is wide open. Unfortunately, not many of us can remember a trillion passwords, however. That’s when a password manager comes in handy. Scope out several selections and find one that’s user friendly.

4. Backup important data

In the event your information does fall into the wrong hands and gets manipulated, having important information backed up is clutch. Take some time, maybe every few weeks, to back up your data to a hard drive. This ensures that your valuable online documents are in a safe place.

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