In today’s fast-paced society, you probably know the value of hard work. The average American is overworked, working more than a full-time schedule at up to 45 hours a week. In certain industries (like tech) it’s an unspoken rule to work upwards of 60 hours a week as the norm.

If you love what you do (and we hope you do!), this may not seem like that much. However, anyone can benefit from working smarter – not necessarily harder or more.

How can you achieve this? There are many techniques you can implement into your daily work in order to be more productive with less effort, which will give you a little more energy and time.


Organize Your Workspace

Perhaps you’re a self-proclaimed helter-skelter type of person, but having your materials in some sort of orderly fashion (or at least orderly to you) has much value. Instead of hunting down a pen for five minutes, you can be using that time to work. In lieu of your records being in a pile, organizing them in an order such as by date or alphabetically will save you precious time.


Utilize Project Management Tools

Implementing this tip may not only raise your productivity, but your team’s as well.There are many free and competitively-priced project management tools available on the market.

  • Asana: With this free service, you can do many things, including easily create a task list, add tags and include teammates onto tasks and projects. You can also leave notes for other people to see or to serve as reminders to you and organize your work life. The premium version starts at $10 per month.
  • Monday: With plans starting at $25 per month, Monday helps you see a visual to-do list and creates transparency between your team and you. Know what everyone is working on and the status of each task or project for maximum organization.
  • Mingle: This application is free for teams of up to five people. Pricing varies according to the number of people on your team. It’s a small fee to pay for a project management tool that helps you focus on what’s most important. Mingle’s flexibility adapts to your team’s specific needs.

These are simply a few of the products on the market that can add value to the efficiency of your organization.


Learn Shortcut Keys

Sure, you can always highlight with your mouse text you want to copy and paste somewhere else, but it’s a bit quicker if you utilize the keyboard shortcut for Mac or Windows. There is a whole array of keyboard shortcuts you can utilize to speed your work. For Windows, some include:

  • Alt + Tab: switches between open programs
  • Ctrl + C: copies text
  • Ctrl + V: pastes text
  • Ctrl + Esc: opens the start menu
  • Ctrl + Shift + T: reopens the last tab that was closed
  • Plus many more

Mac shortcuts are as follows:

  • Command + C: copies text
  • Command + V: pastes text
  • Command + A: selects all
  • Command + undoes your previous command
  • Command + P: prints
  • And more

Click here to view a more comprehensive list of Mac keyboard shortcuts and here for Windows keyboard shortcuts.

Remember Backups

Backing up your business is one of the most important things that you can do in general, but it also will ensure that you save precious time in event of a catastrophe like a fire or a storm. Having a backup plan means having copies of your data, which in turn means that you can work from somewhere other than your office, like home. Click here to read our blog post, Three Trustworthy Tips for a Bulletproof Backup, for more information about backup options.

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