As if computer updates weren’t annoying enough at home, they are even more frustrating at work. If you rely on a computer for work and it requires an update, you now have to pause whatever you’re doing while your computer updates itself. This presents a significant problem.

Disruptions waste more time than just the update.

A simple interruption, like a software or server update, could set you back more than you think. The update not only prevents you from working, but it removes you mentally from your current task. This forces you to refocus once your computer reboots, taking up even more of your time. Gloria Mark, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, who studies digital distraction, says that it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to return to a task after an interruption.

Our brains do not perform well after a distraction. In an interview with FastCompany.com, Gloria Mark explains that while some interruptions are healthy, unrelated ones are not. “It’s generally counterproductive if you’re working on one task and you’re interrupted on a completely different topic,” she says. “People have to shift their cognitive resources, or attentional resources, to a completely different topic. You have to completely shift your thinking, it takes you a while to get into it and it takes you a while to get back and remember where you were.”

The solution

Computer updates present many other problems that decrease productivity, including interrupting presentations and losing unsaved work. Imagine not having any of those issues. Imagine your employees being able to stay on-task without having to worry about an update disrupting their work flow and productivity. Ignoring an update is not an option. So, let someone else manage updates and server maintenance for you. Delegating this simple task could save you time and money.


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