Legacy systems (or outdated hardware or software) are like that girlfriend you can’t bring yourself to break up with. Despite poor connection, the fact that you’ve drifted apart over the years, and the multiple issues your relationship has, you’re still dating. In fact, you’ve been dating so long, it seems like a waste to break up and move on now. Sound familiar?

If you’ve been dragging your feet to make the switch from old to new tech, you’re hurting your business and here’s why. Old systems, programs, and applications require a lot more maintenance and upkeep, not to mention they’re glitchy and slow. This not only inconveniences you, but costs you precious dollars and time. Newer programs and systems are better at detecting viruses and malware, they take up less space, and they tend to operate more smoothly. By holding onto an old system, you’re putting your (and your clients’) files at risk. Not to mention, the older your technology, the less reliable you are as a company.

We get it, familiar is easier. You’ve learned the system you have like the back of your hand. You’ve gotten used to its quirks. But think of your customers. If you have their best interest at heart, you want to give them the best. You want them to be able to browse your site with ease, to place an order using a system they’re familiar with. You want them to feel confident, knowing their information is safe with you and isn’t going to be compromised. If for nothing else, update your hardware and software for the sake of your customers. They’ll thank you for it.

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