Typically, in business, the cheaper the better, right? We try to cut our expenses wherever we can in order to increase our profits. Data recovery, however, should be the exemption to the rule. In fact, free data recovery software is more likely to cost you money than save you money. Here’s why.

The problem with DIY recovery

Losing precious data is one of the most frustrating problems you’ll run into as a business owner. A glitch in the system, a virus, or even accidentally spilling coffee all over your laptop–there’s any number of accidents that could lead to data loss. DIY recovery is unreliable, so if you think you’ve lost data, don’t panic or attempt to troubleshoot it yourself. This is because sometimes data appears to be lost when it’s actually still accessible through professional recovery software. The more you tamper with it and try to get it back, the more likely you are to erase your data permanently. Your best option is to take it to someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. It can be hard to trust someone else with your lost files, but you have nothing to lose and there’s a good chance they can actually help you.

The problem with free software

Another recovery solution business owners typically jump to is to download some free software off the internet. But free means cheap, and these software programs are not capable of scanning as thoroughly as professional software. Plus, they wear out your drive with just one scan, increasing the likelihood that you’ll never get your missing data back. Professional software is more gentle on your drive, it works on a duplicate of your files instead of the originals, and it has a higher success rate at data recovery than free software.

The bottom line is if you want your data back or if you want to prevent data loss in the first place, it’s smarter to invest in professional, quality software. Lost data could mean less profit or fewer customers. So trust us, when it comes to recovery software, spending can save you.

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